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Episode 4: These New York Times with Jazmine Hughes

Episode 4: These New York Times with Jazmine Hughes

Welcome to the fourth episode of Diversity Hire.

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Today we talked to Jazmine Hughes (The New York Times Magazine) about the halcyon days of early 2010s media, the usefulness of a word like diversity, swimming, skateboarding, and workplace politics. She also guides us through what her life was like in the days following the Tom Cotton op-ed. Finally...this is our first episode without a disclaimer…or is it? *BWAAAANG*

  • Jazmine wonders what’s gonna happen when she turns 30 (3:55)

  • Jazmine guides us through her career timeline (7:23)

  • Gawker, the Hairpin, and the halcyon days of early 2010s media (15:38)

  • Transitioning from the blogosphere to The New York Times (19:40)

  • I Dressed Like Cookie for a Week to Get Over My Imposter Syndrome (Cosmopolitan, 2015) (23:47)

  • Why Jazmine writes about workplaces (26:16)

  • Jazmine guides us through the fallout of the Tom Cotton Op-ed (31:35)

  • Corporate media accountability (44:24)

  • Arjun is scared that his corporation will fire him because of this podcast (please don’t fire me), and asks Jazmine if she was scared (49:25)

  • Jazmine on white people who mock their own whiteness to seem “cool” (53:15)

  • Interlude: Jazmine is learning how to skate, Arjun asks if she’s gonna get her feet wet in Dimes Square (57:34)

  • Learning to Swim Taught Me More Than I Bargained for (The New York Times Magazine, 2019) (58:53)

  • Writers of Color (1:02:02)

  • Does Jazmine like the word diversity? Does she think the word represents her? Does she think she represents it? (1:06:00)

  • Arjun asks Jazmine if she’s ever experienced an instance of racism while working in the media (1:13:34)

  • Kevin asks Jazmine about having to be a sensitivity reader in the workplace (1:17:42)

  • The Diversity Tribunal (1:21:55)

Jazmine would like for you to Venmo the investigative journalist Tammie Teclemariam, to subscribe to your local newspaper, and to donate to your community aid fund.

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