Apr 30, 2021 • 1HR 25M

Episode 42 - Duality of Horniness with Allison P. Davis

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A podcast about being "POC" in media. Hosted by @arjununcle & @krevinlorenzo
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Hello and welcome to episode 42 of Diversity Hire. (This episode is rated M for Mature. Listener discretion is advised.)

Today we talked to New York Magazine’s Allison P. Davis, America’s greatest commentator on sex, love, dating, and the myriad ways those forces intersect with power and celebrity. Our conversation covered Allison’s incredible skills as a host, dating during COVID, the different definitions and expressions of being horny, the life and death of the celebrity profile, celibacy, intimacy, touching, making out, and much much more. Arjun also opens up about his sexuality, or, lack thereof.

Thanks for listening and please take Allison’s horny census.

Allison’s writing: