Jun 18, 2021 • 1HR 29M

E49 - Talking Trash with Arit John

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Diversity Hire
A podcast about being "POC" in media. Hosted by @arjununcle & @krevinlorenzo

Hello and welcome to episode 49 of Diversity Hire.

Today we talked to Arit John, who is a lifestyle reporter for the LA Times. We talked about the surprising similarities between politicians and Tik Tok stars, covering the 2016 campaign, how awful the three media capitals - NYC, LA, DC - truly are, appearing on C-SPAN, and much more.

Kevin and Arjun talked about the end of Gemini season and a special birthday. Thanks for listening.

Arit’s work:

Some Democratic Candidates Face a Reckoning in a Diverse Field

The Future Teen Stars of America Live on TikTok

Meet the influencers who actually stayed home during the pandemic

Inside TikTok’s effort to open doors for its Black rising stars

Arit on C-SPAN